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  I know this isn't a G3-chan, but after seeing Sari Ann Moilanen's ( http://sariann.com/ ) filmography ( http://sariann.com/tiedostot/CV_suomeksi.pdf ) which says she played both FIM and G3.5 Scootaloo, I suddenly want to watch all the G3 cartoons in Finnish, or at least want to get Finnish voice cast list of all those cartoons.

Quick terms
* G3: Everything right before FIM
* Core 7: Number of characters reduced to 7, Rainbow Dash gone fashionista, first appearance of Scootaloo, Toolaloola, Sweetie Belle and Starsong, same shape as previous G3
* G3.5: All the ponies gone chibi
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No. 953
  I don't know what generation this is, but at least its old with pre-2000s dubbing from back when Agapio was the only finnish dubbing company and didn't give a fuck. As in, the CEO was drunk at work.
No. 954
That's My Little Pony Tales, the later G1.
No. 955
Speaking of G1, aren't there two Finnish versions for each shows, all titled Pikku ponit despite the year of original release?

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  I noticed Finnish Spike's voice is different in some episodes. In some episodes, I hear Rainbow Dash, and in some, I hear another voice actress. And in this clip, I can hear Scootaloo. What happened?
No. 936
1316101479846071.png - ( 30.77KB , 200x177 )
Are you the same OP as


In either case you could have bumped that instead.

DB-V562frKc.jpg - ( 16.79KB , 318x200 )
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So there's this awesome new My Little Pony imageboard called http://mlp.su . You MLP fans should go check it out and tell all your MLP fan friends.

I hear it's run by some pretty cool people with a lot of experience, and is going to be a million times better than any other MLP-dedicated imageboard out there right now.
So yeah, it just officially opened up less than an hour ago. Go take a look and give it a try~
No. 924
Share your drink, comrade0002.png - ( 92.99KB , 1280x720 )
Comrade, I don't even Russia.
No. 925
SweetieBelle1.jpg - ( 45.10KB , 500x495 )
The problem is that I don't know any Russian. I couldn't even navigate worth a shit on the page.

Pictured on the left is my impression had I stayed on the site for any longer.
No. 926
130730746219.png - ( 133.71KB , 640x360 )
Can't read this russkie shit

Happy Derpy.png - ( 62.46KB , 260x270 )
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Hey /int/, what are some of your favorite pony episodes? The Ticket Master is my personal favorite. It's underrated, in my opinion.
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No. 904
Fluttershy is best waifu.jpg - ( 179.40KB , 480x1836 )
Every episode with delicious Fluttershy as main pone
No. 905
gn;fgrm.png - ( 361.69KB , 600x450 )
Return of Harmony is pretty much a given in these kinds of threads. Discord was such a great and funny character, especially in part 1. That episode certainly lived up to the hype that preceded it.

Bridle Gossip is an interesting choice, not that I feel it's undeserving. I just don't see it listed as a favorite very often. Why does that episode stand out to you?

As much as I loathe Fluttershy, I will admit that Hurricane Fluttershy was a good episode. Maybe even great. Putting your Hoof Down was also good, but that was more because of Iron Will than Fluttershy. Fluttershy held up HF all on her own.
No. 906
The humor of it. Ponies that can take on a mantacore in a previous episode still manage to have zenophobia over a zebra. Also, the poison joke taking away strong, defining, characteristics of the characters away was pretty funny: Twilight's horn becoming like a floppy penis, Fluttershy losing her sensitive voice, Pinkie not talking, and the scene where Fluttershy sings while Pinkie dances was pretty funny.

131447482598.jpg - ( 388.58KB , 2400x1350 )
33 No. 33 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
What is this?
I'm from Sweden, so I need help.
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No. 881
1369752991019.png - ( 94.69KB , 323x350 )
>like the one in Ponyville Confidential.
Do what now?
No. 891
1361569564324.jpg - ( 2.40MB , 3000x1600 )
Just a name drop. I could have sworn there was a picture of her shown along with the line, but my memory is busted apparently.

No. 892
spike.jpg - ( 40.11KB , 564x331 )
Holy shit. How did I not catch that? Thanks

rainbowdash_finland.jpg - ( 125.04KB , 1016x762 )
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Finnish bronies, report in!
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No. 28
wunderblitze.png - ( 115.66KB , 800x595 )
No. 32
45678656789.jpg - ( 8.80KB , 128x97 )
Yo Dawg.
No. 877
Pinkie.png - ( 79.05KB , 269x270 )
2011 called; they want their thread back.

IMG_0192.png - ( 494.17KB , 960x640 )
741 No. 741 hide quickreply [Reply]
Tribute for dead board
No. 863
1365650226383.png - ( 0.99MB , 888x1120 )
Don't worry, necromancy is covered under the boards health care plan. We're going to need more virgins, though.
No. 865
bad twilight.jpg - ( 184.52KB , 1024x1118 )
It's about time!

1314047367925184.jpg - ( 23.80KB , 500x519 )
50 No. 50 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
/int/ users, where are you from?
20 viestiä ja 14 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 851
Nice. What's it like there?
No. 855
It's a laid back kind of place. Kind of grimy, with a sizeable portion of litter and graffiti. Lots of spanish and mexican culture, too. I'm part mexican, myself.

On Saturdays there's always some spot blaring mariachi music, and the guys at those parties do this yell that sounds like the mating call of some wild animal.
No. 857
>On Saturdays there's always some spot blaring mariachi music, and the guys at those parties do this yell that sounds like the mating call of some wild animal.
That sounds like my kind of thing. There are never any performers in Wyoming. Was lucky and heard a little percussion group perform outside my work

1358259206413.png - ( 147.28KB , 894x894 )
775 No. 775 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Trotting through the lands of silence
Leaving trace of G1 lore
Posting pics of equine sirens
Hoping someone will post more
12 viestiä ja 11 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 811
No. 812
Holy shit.
No. 856
celestia_is_a_seapony_by_zomgitsalaura-d4jyi1w.png - ( 200.56KB , 900x1261 )

enlightened bear.jpg - ( 25.57KB , 244x315 )
825 No. 825 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
are you enlightened ?!?
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No. 840
1353741170249.jpg - ( 130.48KB , 700x700 )
Okay, story time! I, and a bunch of others come from the /mlp/ board on 4chan. There was a drawfriend who had been creating CYOA threads. CYOA stands for create your own adventure, and those are threads are where the OP sets up a scenario, and the posters decide what happens next. These are fairly popular, but these threads are especially popular because the guy draws porn of the characters' human forms from Equestria Girls. Now, /mlp/ is a sfw board, and because of that, OP got banned, which hadn't happened in the previous threads. Confused on where to go, posters offered to continue the thread here. If you go to the /nsfw/ board, you should find the thread. This one is of Trixie. I personally thought that the thread getting deleted was hilarious due to the ass-pain it caused, and I thought I'd come here to watch the aftermath.
No. 841
Derp derp.png - ( 140.74KB , 880x1000 )
Oh, didn't know that /mlp/ had such butthurt mods to pull of such a douchey move.

Feel free to mention this board in the future in case stuff like that happens again. /int/ and /nsfw/ are open for international use.
No. 843
This doesn't normally happen. It could either be because Faust came to /mlp/, therefore requiring more mods, or because someone reported the thread. Normally mods don't go around looking for rule violations. There's too much traffic.
>Feel free to mention this board in the future in case stuff like that happens again.
Will do! This place seems nice.

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