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131447482598.jpg - ( 388.58KB , 2400x1350 )
33 No. 33
What is this?
I'm from Sweden, so I need help.
Laajenna kaikki kuvat
No. 37

Mind reading the rules before giving misleading comments?
No. 38

This is Finnish ponyboard for MLP-FiM fans. /int/ is for English discussion. Take a seat and enjoy.

Who is your favorite pony?
No. 844
1361040000986.jpg - ( 1.07MB , 2129x1589 )
Not OP, but mine is probably Celestia
>tfw you knowingly reply to a post made nearly a year and a half ago to bring traffic
No. 846
Approved by Celestia.png - ( 87.65KB , 269x269 )

>that pic of Celestia in the rain
No. 850
1361568134271.jpg - ( 567.73KB , 2875x2150 )
Celestia is my second favorite pony.
No. 852
1369770129382.png - ( 104.78KB , 400x633 )
We need to fix that
No. 853
130177006946.png - ( 32.85KB , 491x317 )
Molestia is my favorite
No. 854
princess_celestia_by_greseres-d5w0k3q.png - ( 72.28KB , 1162x688 )
Twilight is the pony I consider my favorite, but to be honest I think I like Celestia more.
No. 858
KZxjme2gZrqcya7eykhZa0zrMa2Fraf_-ZndL5PYiDY.jpg - ( 71.62KB , 1024x576 )
You have good taste in ponies. I must say, that picture is so adorable.
No. 859
tia_by_orisawa-d5w6vkd.png - ( 433.25KB , 900x1016 )
>that picture is so adorable.
It's one of my favorite pictures of her. Celestia gets a lot of cool art. Well, I guess most of the ponies get cool art, but I like her's especially.
No. 860
1359840912666.png - ( 750.29KB , 790x600 )
Agreed. Fluttershy also seems to get a lot of good art. She's not even my favorite, and my Fluttershy folder is one of my largest
No. 861
1357110408918.jpg - ( 1.00MB , 1195x894 )
I can find a better picture than that
No. 862
1333645785616.jpg - ( 2.05MB , 1920x1882 )
I really don't like Fluttershy, so I don't have many pictures of her. Of the few that I have that are at least tangentially related to her, I like this one the most.

Yeah, she's not even in the picture.
No. 864
tumblr_mi3035eeSz1r361q4o1_1280.png - ( 299.18KB , 784x485 )
Fluttershy actually used to be my favorite. I think it was because her shyness was like an exaggerated form of myself when I was younger, and I found that adorable
No. 876
1365308802971.png - ( 1.98MB , 1920x1080 )
Funnily enough she was my favorite too when I first got into the fandom. I'm shy and quiet just like her, and becoming involved with all these people was intimidating. I saw a lot of her in myself at the time, I imagine. I quickly moved on though. You could say her schtick got old real quick. God knows what that says about me.

Anyways, in addition to Celestia I also like Trixie and the art she gets. A wandering spellcaster magician—her character hits a lot of tropes that make my imagination go wild. Gives me the urge to write. And I wish Mayor Mare got more art. I really like her too, but I have, like, one picture of her.

[ranting intensifies]
No. 878
just like trixie.jpg - ( 57.11KB , 500x500 )
Hmm, I've never thought of Trixie in that way. I could never get past her ego to see why people like her, but when you point those things out about her, it makes sense

I don't have any Trixie, so here's the closest thing on my laptop
No. 879
I'm actually glad Trixie had a return in S3; now she can be abandoned forever since her sub-plot has been cleared.
No. 880
dfgh.png - ( 1.28MB , 1280x800 )
People like different ponies for different reasons, I guess. I can see why people think of her as obnoxious and annoying, but she was always interesting and entertaining to me.

I'm curious if she'll ever show up again. Maybe in a cameo or something, like the one in Ponyville Confidential. I'll bet a dollar in Monopoly money that she'll make an appearance in Equestria Girls in some way.

Posting some random picture of Twilight.
No. 881
1369752991019.png - ( 94.69KB , 323x350 )
>like the one in Ponyville Confidential.
Do what now?
No. 891
1361569564324.jpg - ( 2.40MB , 3000x1600 )
Just a name drop. I could have sworn there was a picture of her shown along with the line, but my memory is busted apparently.

No. 892
spike.jpg - ( 40.11KB , 564x331 )
Holy shit. How did I not catch that? Thanks

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