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1315039159987.gif - ( 1.89MB , 236x224 )
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What the fuck is this?
And why am I still here?
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No. 350
Discord 139.png - ( 396.61KB , 705x661 )
Well not exactly raiding as it isn't malicious, just random posting.
No. 357
73337 - Colgate artist-tess party_hat.png - ( 191.19KB , 963x1110 )
I, for one, welcome our new international overlords.
No. 361
ironclad-0001721.jpg - ( 87.95KB , 1280x720 )

132293411335.png - ( 456.57KB , 1016x844 )
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This site feels good.

(Nicknames are forbidden on this board)
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No. 319
131729152218.png - ( 12.26KB , 128x121 )
Because we are dirty mongols and our language root is different from nordic.
No. 320
OK, wait a moment. Combine these:

and this to them: http://www.fluentin3months.com/hungarian-mission/

and this whole package goes to >>308
No. 321
Oh yeah, and we can form a grammar-acceptable sentence with only a single verb.

36745.jpg - ( 133.42KB , 450x1186 )
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Let me tell you about Homestuck.
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No. 235
Notamused.png - ( 348.34KB , 640x463 )

how about no
No. 236
1327091121240.png - ( 40.17KB , 300x300 )

How about yes.
No. 377
what the fuck is homestuck

21414 - artist lkittytaill Band Bonbon guitar Lyra.png - ( 1.23MB , 1000x1000 )
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Yo, Finland!!!

So, What kind of music finnish bronies are done? I've been long in ponychan and once saw thread about ponilauta.fi and decided to look up. It sure sound lame, that international board is quite.

Now give me those finnish masterpieces!!!
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No. 187
1319321389915906.jpg - ( 233.40KB , 829x892 )
The OP of that thread devised it in IRC, and was intentional circlejerking/trolling.
No. 193
Thread cleaned of budding arguing.

Stay on the topic
No. 194

the_great_and_powerful_band_of_trixie_by_shutterfl.png - ( 802.76KB , 900x730 )
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Who are most important persons in Finnish scene of My little pony? Like artist, musicans and writers? I would like to know!
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No. 113
I am.
No. 114
I am
No. 172
131708582285.png - ( 115.16KB , 280x307 )

You silly, I'm one important artist, specialy in /art/

ponyWithBackground.jpg - ( 100.81KB , 830x650 )
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hi yall since there isnt much people i give you my (little rolfz) pony

age: 28
mother: Ninghtmare moon
father: Weird al yancovic
sister: Hilda the destroyer
race: alicorn
place: ponyville

you must wonder his parents so ill make detailed descripton of their acts in future. This is why he walks on 2 legs and is alicorn. This makes him secretly pony king and band of pony ninjas protects him but their hidden so noone knows them

Hes cool pony and hes very cool and he has lots of hair and friends and his manhood is OVER 12cm. also tall and NOT FAT. He likes rollerskating, mountainclimbing and all thats cool outside stuff. He also likes partying animals and poo. His romatic companions are fluttershy, applejack rainbow dash, and sweetie bell

My only dream is to make him cannon and i hope lauren faust adds him in season 3. i dont see why she wouldnt pick up MOONSTORM ALPHA permanent character so choices are good

Viesti on liian pitkä. Klikkaa tästä lukeaksesi koko viestin.

14 viestiä ja 13 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 77
Finns speaking english
No. 78
633.png - ( 381.73KB , 947x843 )
what teh fug is this thread :-D
No. 79
131737932731.jpg - ( 8.15KB , 128x66 )

59671 - flutterbitch fluttershy season_2 twilight_.jpg - ( 125.60KB , 1024x573 )
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Why you made new channel to ponies? Don't you think ponychan is enough? I've been following this site for days and it seems really slow compared to ponychan? So why you made this?
26 viestiä ja 13 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 154
so sweden is all about religious "hate crimes" them? We have our minorities as well... majority of finns seem to hate swedes because _our_ goverment thinks we need swedish as a second language. People hate immigrants here because some of them keep breaking law. Most of finns are so fucking afraid of that foreingners come and take our jobs when we are too proud to do any "lowly jobs" after we have spend oh so many years in vocational school.
No. 156
6b261be829784afe86647a1e4b0829cf.jpg - ( 176.88KB , 838x864 )
I love this treath, keep it burning, baby...
No. 157
At least we have some reason in things, faggoths are not allowed to donate blood.
What if they find out that gayness is a blood related illness, not a brain damage?
A whole nation infested with gayness, only god could save us then.

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