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Happy Derpy.png - ( 62.46KB , 260x270 )
902 No. 902
Hey /int/, what are some of your favorite pony episodes? The Ticket Master is my personal favorite. It's underrated, in my opinion.
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No. 903
That's a tough one for me. Probably the Return of Harmony or Bridle Gossip. I do agree that The Ticket Master is a good episode and doesn't get enough recognition
No. 904
Fluttershy is best waifu.jpg - ( 179.40KB , 480x1836 )
Every episode with delicious Fluttershy as main pone
No. 905
gn;fgrm.png - ( 361.69KB , 600x450 )
Return of Harmony is pretty much a given in these kinds of threads. Discord was such a great and funny character, especially in part 1. That episode certainly lived up to the hype that preceded it.

Bridle Gossip is an interesting choice, not that I feel it's undeserving. I just don't see it listed as a favorite very often. Why does that episode stand out to you?

As much as I loathe Fluttershy, I will admit that Hurricane Fluttershy was a good episode. Maybe even great. Putting your Hoof Down was also good, but that was more because of Iron Will than Fluttershy. Fluttershy held up HF all on her own.
No. 906
The humor of it. Ponies that can take on a mantacore in a previous episode still manage to have zenophobia over a zebra. Also, the poison joke taking away strong, defining, characteristics of the characters away was pretty funny: Twilight's horn becoming like a floppy penis, Fluttershy losing her sensitive voice, Pinkie not talking, and the scene where Fluttershy sings while Pinkie dances was pretty funny.

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