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No. 951
  I know this isn't a G3-chan, but after seeing Sari Ann Moilanen's ( http://sariann.com/ ) filmography ( http://sariann.com/tiedostot/CV_suomeksi.pdf ) which says she played both FIM and G3.5 Scootaloo, I suddenly want to watch all the G3 cartoons in Finnish, or at least want to get Finnish voice cast list of all those cartoons.

Quick terms
* G3: Everything right before FIM
* Core 7: Number of characters reduced to 7, Rainbow Dash gone fashionista, first appearance of Scootaloo, Toolaloola, Sweetie Belle and Starsong, same shape as previous G3
* G3.5: All the ponies gone chibi
No. 952
oh god the faces

No. 953
  I don't know what generation this is, but at least its old with pre-2000s dubbing from back when Agapio was the only finnish dubbing company and didn't give a fuck. As in, the CEO was drunk at work.
No. 954
That's My Little Pony Tales, the later G1.
No. 955
Speaking of G1, aren't there two Finnish versions for each shows, all titled Pikku ponit despite the year of original release?

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