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1314047367925184.jpg - ( 23.80KB , 500x519 )
50 No. 50
/int/ users, where are you from?
Laajenna kaikki kuvat
No. 51
finland.jpg - ( 197.72KB , 1013x760 )
Finnish brony here o7
No. 195
1322657709780.png - ( 66.92KB , 554x515 )
täällä intis puhuu suomalaiset bronyt vaan keskenään englantia.

(That's right. No Finnish.)
No. 196
130753031442.jpg - ( 19.41KB , 360x284 )
No. 199
pinkimaatio_300.png - ( 108.66KB , 253x300 )
Finland. Finland. Finland.
No. 200
poniyöstä.png - ( 59.97KB , 1392x848 )
It is a great place to be.
No. 201
The_Horror.png - ( 112.21KB , 900x868 )
A post in /int/
No. 390
WHAT NOW!.png - ( 349.69KB , 549x498 )
(of Asian lineage)
No. 391
From which state exactly? :3
No. 392
Quite_.png - ( 195.39KB , 801x954 )

I normally post on Ponychan, but someone from here advertised and i figured "Why not?" lol
No. 393

Oh that's nice. Welcome and stay longer if you like. Thought /int/ needs more people. There's really not much activity.
No. 394
Approved!.png - ( 224.62KB , 900x900 )
Will do! I'd check out the other boards but the only one i can enjoy without having to read the Finnish is the /nsfw/ board.... lol
Also, i'm guessing this is better to ask /meta/ but i tried starting a thread here, and when i tried making it it told me to only choose one image,, even though i did only choose one. what's up with that?
No. 395
trixie__s_gala_dress_by_kellypony-d4k9ma6.png - ( 185.76KB , 900x714 )

Oh, sounds like some kind of bug. I'll report that bug and hope that we can fix it very soon. But very good that you noticed that, thank you :)
No. 396
Bumping for Great Justice!.png - ( 305.85KB , 446x502 )
Thanks! I'll try again next time to see if it works
No. 398
127551 - artist laurenmagpie crying deleteme dupli.jpg - ( 267.11KB , 900x720 )

Fixing it can take while, but be patient. And if you like, tell to your brony friends about this imageboard. It would be nice to get some new people here.
No. 399

Oh and btw what internet browser you are using?
No. 400
131990505463.png - ( 114.75KB , 700x626 )
I'm from Norway. More precisely from the town of Trondheim. I had/have a good impression of Finland from listening to artists like Lordi, Bomfunk MC, and even Kuunkuiskaajat. So I spotted the notice on Ponychan's /int/, and decided to give it a shot.
No. 842
American brony here. Just found this place
No. 845

East or West Coast?
No. 847
Rocky Mountains. You?
No. 849
MURRICA.jpg - ( 90.09KB , 900x506 )
South California.
No. 851
Nice. What's it like there?
No. 855
It's a laid back kind of place. Kind of grimy, with a sizeable portion of litter and graffiti. Lots of spanish and mexican culture, too. I'm part mexican, myself.

On Saturdays there's always some spot blaring mariachi music, and the guys at those parties do this yell that sounds like the mating call of some wild animal.
No. 857
>On Saturdays there's always some spot blaring mariachi music, and the guys at those parties do this yell that sounds like the mating call of some wild animal.
That sounds like my kind of thing. There are never any performers in Wyoming. Was lucky and heard a little percussion group perform outside my work

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