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3097162037_155f56da99.jpg - ( 72.54KB , 400x407 )
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No. 808
2b11d9fc1893db5de9c0eb1feace18ab598ecd83.jpg - ( 128.71KB , 900x900 )
No. 848
that's nice and all.jpg - ( 51.39KB , 600x400 )

Mad_Ponies_Mad_Men_Spoof_02.jpg - ( 35.99KB , 223x480 )
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Nelonen has both FIM and Mad Men. So, why don't you convince Nelonen to make the official crossover advert of both?
No. 737
FIM is and will be just a stupid show for little girls, for Nelonen.
No. 738
363.png - ( 331.91KB , 950x1319 )
Nelonen doesn't have the rights to broadcasting the crossover-advertisement, and why should they?
Like >>737 said, they don't think the show is worth that.
No. 739
This is an advert made by The Hub, and it was inserted in some of U.S. newspapers. Technically, The Hub doesn't have any broadcasting rights for Mad Men. So, it is just a parody advertisement targeting an unexpected group of audiences.

But Nelonen is a different case. They have broadcasting rights for select Hasbro Studio shows including FIM, as well as Mad Men.

So what about this? Nelonen licenses the image from Hasbro/The Hub, adds broadcasting times of BOTH shows in Nelonen's corporate style, and plays with it around somewhere in Helsingin Sanomat.

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  Who did Finnish Princess Celestia, and what's her other role(s) within FIM?
No. 725
125371__UNOPT__safe_princess-celestia_animated.gif - ( 963.81KB , 439x318 )
My guess it was Katja Aakkula.
I don't know whether she did any other roles besides Princess Celestia.
No. 726
Celestia shrug and wut.jpg - ( 114.96KB , 945x945 )
I really wish to confirm this, but there's no information on her anywhere.

I could record an episode of FIM and check the credits: the dub actors and actresses are listed there.

Pony Map World.png - ( 50.37KB , 1425x625 )
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This board should use pony icons and be assigned like on this map.
11 viestiä ja 10 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 678
disgord.jpg - ( 86.71KB , 1000x919 )
i don't know AP if what we've needed is icons, since your icons mostly show self not enough clearly, what are they? anyway i like your idea but needed work to be success. not meaning your thread need not belong on /int/
No. 686
fi.png - ( 224B , 17x14 )
The design of the pony icons are based off of the ball icons currently used on Krautchan's /int/ board.

I'm posting the ball icon for Finland used on that board as an example. I drew all of the icons used there except the one for Israel.

No. 687
countryballs belongs to kc.

1349686997514765.gif - ( 64.25KB , 350x300 )
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Oh dog wat done :DDDDDDDD
No. 683
Crackle1.png - ( 288.21KB , 810x650 )
No. 684
Onks tää joku raidi vai hä

134299860602.gif - ( 122.30KB , 458x500 )
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No. 679
Fruitloop.png - ( 47.85KB , 864x924 )
No. 680
131679020243.jpg - ( 10.10KB , 128x128 )
No. 681
rarity4853.png - ( 625.74KB , 3000x3084 )
Well hello sweeties.

626-Eldon--right--in-Cambodia-1970-.jpg - ( 93.40KB , 661x647 )
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I forgot this place existed.
1 viesti ohitettu.
No. 601

Nope. Really this is only electricity.
No. 617
no its in the center of the galaxy.

No. 618
Y'all posting in a pony thread.png - ( 549.96KB , 600x338 )

1333976320374.gif - ( 344.76KB , 600x568 )
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How hard is it to learn Finnish?

I speak no European languages and can only speak and write in English.
13 viestiä ja 5 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 603

It's not impossible, I think. We still have the same Latin alphabets (and the odd three; åäö), whereas Japanese, Hebrew or Korean have completely different graphemes. And people have learned those languages too. So I guess it might even be easier than Russian, for example, not that the differences between the alphabets are the only things that matter. The only thing you need is motivation, as said before.
No. 610
13437987879936.jpg - ( 47.08KB , 500x645 )
In English : I wonder if I should run around aimlessly.
In Finnish : juoksentelisinkohan

By the way AP, You really don't even want to learn the language or come to our country because its most likely if you look any different from others (What you most likely do if you really are American) you'll get your ass kicked pretty hard by the town's local tournament champion.
And there are atleast one of those tournament every night on pretty much every city.
We here in Finland call the tournament "Nakkikiskajono".
No. 611
Apple Bloom all i wanted.jpg - ( 26.90KB , 387x356 )
>responds to a months-old thread

But to be on-topic, Finnisha has many words that are daunting to translate in proper form (such as the word jossittelu, roughly meaning to make ifs and speculations).

images.jpg - ( 6.53KB , 275x184 )
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do somebody want to donate one or two bitcoins couse i dont have mone yto buy food and i get money again next week=(( 1GJiWBThce7L8mNsvVT6BV1GyYwajTHupz pls donate‚ô•
No. 597
No. 598
Discord is not amused.png - ( 858.36KB , 2667x4000 )

133574829574.png - ( 62.16KB , 377x444 )
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No. 592
1315431202826512.jpg - ( 6.46KB , 200x188 )
No. 593
dj_pon3_wut.png - ( 32.38KB , 316x359 )

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