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1322359693288.jpg - ( 216.69KB , 878x481 )
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So...uhm... what's your favorite pony, mine is obvious
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No. 1146
Princess_Celestia_by_MetalPandora[1].png - ( 592.27KB , 900x916 )

This. Best Pony for over thousand years running.
No. 1147
hqdefault.jpg - ( 21.38KB , 480x360 )
Favorite pony? Silly question.
No. 1148

Suspicous.png - ( 60.11KB , 142x200 )
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Has anybody seen Rainbow Rocks yet? Was it any good? I've been out of the loop.
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No. 1121
1367586746792.gif - ( 243.16KB , 525x525 )
Damn, that's cute.
No. 1128
1414855084541.gif - ( 433.31KB , 324x231 )
No. 1145
These movies lack the demographic spanning appeal the show had in season 1. Preteen girls might like Rainbow Rocks, but I was bored of it within the first five minutes. Can't fault the writers for coloring within the lines, though.

2014-10-21 18_59_16-BlizVideo _ Watch _ Videos.jpg - ( 61.24KB , 476x362 )
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No. 1124
1412154130186.gif - ( 203.39KB , 500x500 )
I want some nuts.
No. 1125
Ya sure ya aren't all nuts yourselves?
No. 1126
Would you like some nuts?

octavia_seasons_greetings_thank_you_card_by_southp.png - ( 385.83KB , 600x703 )
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/int/ is so dead.
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No. 1101
1412235413095.gif - ( 244.71KB , 400x200 )
ponilauta will rise again
No. 1102
1412235413095.gif - ( 244.71KB , 400x200 )
ponilauta will rise again
No. 1106
Thats Nice.jpg - ( 37.09KB , 272x267 )
Why do dubs posts happen? It's happened to me a couple of times.

Also this thread was posted in 2011.

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  I'm not a native Finnish speaker (and thus don't understand Finnish), but I'm enjoying Finnish dub very recently. Sounds like good dub to me, but, as a foreigner, I'm not sure if it's a well-made dub or not.

So let me ask you something. To you, is the Finnish dub translated well, has well acted, has appropriate voice performers for each character, or something more?

P.S. Do the Finns call muffin and cupcake a muffin, no matter the difference between them?

By the way, I'm surprised the Finns have retained original pitch for all episodes on their broadcasts, a rare case in the European dubs.
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No. 626
I agree with the above posts, the dubs are allright, but definitely not great. Most of the main cast are okay. Pinkie, Rarity and Twilight sound good, Fluttershy sounds a tad too old, Rainbow Dash and Applejack could be better, esp. RD, but you kinda get used to 'em after awhile. Spike, however, is the worst and I hate his voice.

Also, gotta mention Trixie. They absolutely nailed her voice, fuckin' A.
No. 627
>>the dubs are allright, but definitely not great.
But it couldn't be much worse than the other Nordic dubs.

Here's Pinkie's "I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala", for example:
English: http://youtu.be/FTRCgU_0caA
Finnish: http://youtu.be/h3UAhWTYUO4
Swedish: http://youtu.be/d5HmXY7rPHE
Norwegian: http://youtu.be/AYOB8uVMe9o
Danish: http://youtu.be/4LfKEsb6s-0
No. 1098
image.jpg - ( 287.93KB , 1600x1886 )
Rainbow dash I love you

FS.jpg - ( 0.99MB , 1920x1080 )
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I was asked by the members of a new Polish pony chan to be the representative and link it over here, so here goes!:


Hopefully you're OK with it. We don't have a good style yet, but we're new and we're working to make everything tick.
9 viestiä ja 7 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 768
1358844660258.jpg - ( 100.09KB , 600x600 )

Their /pony/ board is currently freely accessible, if for some sick and twisted reason you want to read through their /b/ add this to AdBlock (contains many historical "security measures", just in case):


Viesti on liian pitkä. Klikkaa tästä lukeaksesi koko viestin.

No. 769
poniaczki.png - ( 45.12KB , 448x310 )
No. 1088
1473431.gif - ( 20.42KB , 106x96 )
We be here nao if someone miss us

dea.png - ( 252.65KB , 680x424 )
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>59 users present
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No. 373
It's true that those provocative threads are mostly started by that one person, but it's not all samefaggotry, and some people were seriously interested in that thread.
No. 375

Neither is that.

The correct word is "people" not "persons".
No. 376
Template.png - ( 214.25KB , 480x360 )
You must was right

yto.png - ( 283.57KB , 768x576 )
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I love you /int/. I don't care if it counts as necrophilia.
6 viestiä ja 5 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 1080
The board gets like 3 replies on a good day. There's not much to browse.
No. 1083
1402390844332.png - ( 326.32KB , 519x612 )
hey gurls maybe I could bring my frens here
No. 1084
132086053180s.png - ( 18.06KB , 128x116 )

1334490048916.gif - ( 620.50KB , 455x491 )
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Why cant everyone on Earth just learn and speak English instead of hundreds of different languages?

Every language's vocabulary has already been translated and transcribed into English so we can always just use an auto-translator to read archaic texts, literature and/or document. No "culture" will be lost.

Its not like as if there are many Finns out there who actively seek out ancient Finnish literature to begin with. Even if people had interest in such things, the technology and means needed to translate texts of a foreign language is readily accessible.
20 viestiä ja 8 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 1069
Vastaa lankaan joka on etusivulla
No. 1071
hjgfdghjkghf.png - ( 83.88KB , 788x322 )
>>1062 Thanks!
t. >>604

>>1063 >>1069 Täs pitää tietää spämmääjistä johtuvat piilopunppaukset. Kuva liittyy
No. 1072
1334752875399.png - ( 552.88KB , 760x650 )
I guess "aikaansaamattomuus" is actually the most accurate Finnish term for it.

t. >>575

No. 1064 hide quickreply [Reply]
  Hands up if you can't unhear Rainbow Dash in the Finnish version of "Let It Go".
No. 1065
ei kuulosta RD:ltä ollenkaan
No. 1068
This is /int/, so please post in English, so all the Finns lurking /int/ can pretend we've foreigners on the board.

Also, OP is trying to get me to watch findubs. Not gonna happen~

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