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enlightened bear.jpg - ( 25.57KB , 244x315 )
825 No. 825
are you enlightened ?!?
Laajenna kaikki kuvat
No. 826
euphoria.jpg - ( 111.49KB , 644x428 )
No. 827
third poster from int reporting in
No. 830
What's the point of this board? Is it a chat for international, or do they expect us to pony pony here?
No. 831
28284 - louder rainbow_dash reaction_face.png - ( 191.87KB , 846x768 )
No. 832
Who's here because of the drawfriend?
No. 833
I reported the thread and was hanging around to see if it got deleted.

This place seems nice.
No. 834
excellent.png - ( 55.85KB , 224x201 )
I was hoping it would get deleted. Seeing that message of "this thread has been pruned or deleted" at the bottom and the influx of "why" posts made my night
No. 835
But aside from that, I too think this place looks nice at first glance. Wouldn't mind lurking around here
No. 836
Seeing people get ass-blasted over the thread is hilarious.

I probably will be posting here for a while, although not for long I'm guessing. As nice as this place seems, it's also dead.
No. 837
It is dead, but I'm sure that with the drawfriend here, the posters here will notice a spike in traffic, and new content will drive posters to frequent here more often, or attract new people. I'll probably be posting here as well for a while
No. 838
What is happenings heres?
No. 839
36.png - ( 110.80KB , 640x360 )
What is this? I am a short while away from the board and suddenly /int/ gets posts.

And now it's dead again.
No. 840
1353741170249.jpg - ( 130.48KB , 700x700 )
Okay, story time! I, and a bunch of others come from the /mlp/ board on 4chan. There was a drawfriend who had been creating CYOA threads. CYOA stands for create your own adventure, and those are threads are where the OP sets up a scenario, and the posters decide what happens next. These are fairly popular, but these threads are especially popular because the guy draws porn of the characters' human forms from Equestria Girls. Now, /mlp/ is a sfw board, and because of that, OP got banned, which hadn't happened in the previous threads. Confused on where to go, posters offered to continue the thread here. If you go to the /nsfw/ board, you should find the thread. This one is of Trixie. I personally thought that the thread getting deleted was hilarious due to the ass-pain it caused, and I thought I'd come here to watch the aftermath.
No. 841
Derp derp.png - ( 140.74KB , 880x1000 )
Oh, didn't know that /mlp/ had such butthurt mods to pull of such a douchey move.

Feel free to mention this board in the future in case stuff like that happens again. /int/ and /nsfw/ are open for international use.
No. 843
This doesn't normally happen. It could either be because Faust came to /mlp/, therefore requiring more mods, or because someone reported the thread. Normally mods don't go around looking for rule violations. There's too much traffic.
>Feel free to mention this board in the future in case stuff like that happens again.
Will do! This place seems nice.

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