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  In season 5, there have been memorably amusing moments from Rainbow Dash in all aspects, which made us giggle. This means that the Queen of Arendelle has to deal with such situations.

Season 5 is coming to Finland.

From 28 December, 2015
On Nelonen Nappula

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No. 1235
Well that's surprisingly quick, considering how Last Airbender/ Digimon Tamers and other shows took 3+ years before it ever came to Finland, while this one starts broadcasting mere months after the season ended. Back in my childhood the only quality cartons we had were Moomins, J.Kwak and Pokemon, and those also came many years later from their original broadcast in other countries.
Being a Finnish kid with cable TV is pretty great nowadays.
No. 1236
Set your PVR on Nelonen Nappula at 8 am tomorrow morning.

No. 1237
Sorry. At around 8:14 am

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  Do you think who should be Starlight Glimmer's Finnish voice?

Here's mine:
* Sanna Majuri (voices Barbie in video movies and Life in the Dreamhouse as well), or
* Katja Aakkula
No. 1227
1355335165906002.jpg - ( 200.83KB , 1100x900 )
I'm not exactly familiar with finnish voice actors, so it's pretty hard to say. Sanna Majuri could be a good choice, or someone who has already voiced something in the MLP series.
No. 1228
equality_was_a_mistake.png - ( 172.03KB , 1000x750 )
I should voice Starlight Glimmer, because all voices are equal.

Who gives le shit

cute-kittens-20-great-pictures-1.jpg - ( 63.24KB , 800x600 )
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No. 1223
samset.png - ( 25.76KB , 900x650 )
No. 1224
Tulips.jpg - ( 606.34KB , 1024x768 )
(was ist das für ein spiel)( ._.)
No. 1225
Tulips.jpg - ( 606.34KB , 1024x768 )
(was ist das für ein spiel)( ._.)

dsas.png - ( 10.41KB , 300x253 )
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What's wrong with Banned from Equestria? I haven't seen any update since forever.
7 viestiä ja 4 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 1219
It was possible in earlier version, not sure about this.
No. 1220
derpy scene made me cry of laughter
No. 1221
20120813070435!Princess_Celestia_smiling_S2E02[1].png - ( 670.95KB , 1280x723 )

Its impossible. In previous version returning the transformation spellbook to Twilight gave you three extra days, but even if you got them in this game there's still more scenes than that.

Personally, what I'm most looking forward to is having the adjustment of your magical aura to let you meet Celestia without getting the guards involved...

martino_and_essi_by_kaorimirai-d5673sa[1].jpg - ( 29.30KB , 486x384 )
1200 No. 1200 hide quickreply [Reply]
açın bana
No. 1201
nice get turku
No. 1213
134623944543.gif - ( 831.35KB , 250x214 )
wtf is op's picrel?

1414097513_7c5c1eee7839c67b142128b1b6a1bdf8.jpg - ( 128.84KB , 557x604 )
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No. 1203
1365570706828.jpg - ( 90.16KB , 851x800 )
No. 1204
is that you, ukraina?
No. 1205
1436024489822.jpg - ( 35.98KB , 442x537 )
ayy lmao

14317520208950.jpg - ( 77.50KB , 708x1129 )
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Voting for the best imageboard engine.
We need your voice!
Help your board!
No. 1195
889768__safe_applejack_parody_computer_lord+tirek_laptop+computer_propaganda_season+5_artist-colon-heir-dash-of-dash-rick_impossibly+large+ears[1].png - ( 292.85KB , 1200x1000 )
I'll have to vote for mlpchan. The ability to have SFW and NSFW threads on the same board thanks to different tags makes it less likely to end up with content left out because it doesn't fit the board in question.

Now I'll just have to find out what engine that board uses...
No. 1196
I know less then half of these engines.

zgbx.gif - ( 89.05KB , 428x428 )
974 No. 974 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Season 4 starts on Saturday. Who's excited?
19 viestiä ja 11 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 1171
572290__safe_solo_animated_screencap_apple+bloom_cute_dancing_seizure+warning_somepony+to+watch+over+me_spoiler-colon-s04e17[1].gif - ( 468.96KB , 352x400 )

I certainly am! It's been so long without new episodes that I have watched all the movies and episodes in Finnish just to see something new!

My face when 1 day 17 hours till the new episodes.
No. 1172
How did you stand all the pain?
No. 1191
The premiere was nice. Better than the S4 and S3 premieres I thought.

djpon_galax3_by_fujikoeurekachamploo-d7kw5bc.jpg - ( 2.26MB , 4000x2244 )
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Do you like poni music ponilauta?
6 viestiä ja 1 kuva ohitettu.
No. 1105
God bless Canada. I was thinking they would be more under threat since they're dealing with two different IPs—looks like I was wrong. Overmare knows what they're doing.

/int/ gets a handful of posts every two weeks or so. There's like three people who come here to bump dead threads.
No. 1156
  bumpi bumpi
No. 1157
I think i cant into embeding

At+least+Trixie+didn%27t+use+the+Konami+Code+by+~BestSeller-Microtech+on+deviantART[1].png - ( 186.09KB , 724x517 )
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Hello /int/, I've been wondering how much information do non-native speakers get from machine translated finnish?
9 viestiä ja 6 kuvaa ohitettu.
No. 1142
Close Look.jpg - ( 15.28KB , 303x242 )
Who's Spike?
No. 1143
fhd.jpg - ( 32.81KB , 362x336 )
Who's Spike?
No. 1150
597678__safe_solo_fluttershy_meme_image+macro_changeling_griffon_seapony_breezie_headcanon[1].jpg - ( 117.13KB , 960x540 )

I don't think I'll be overstepping my authority too much if I say it's ok to post replies in english even outside /int and /nsfw. Everyone here understands english well enough, and the extra posts are well worth bending the rules a little.

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