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785681.jpg - ( 45.86KB , 639x351 )
413 No. 413
Does your country have its own pony-related memes that you wish to share? Despite being the promised land of self-invented memes, Finland really hasn't much other than spurdo-pony crossovers.
Laajenna kaikki kuvat
No. 415
No we dont have any

Regards, nimiystävä
No. 416
Here in Soviet Russia, we don't have memes.
The memes have us.
No. 417
tonninvankeuss-1.png - ( 6.04KB , 375x375 )
They are mostly crossovers from other finnish memes.
No. 418
If there is any original memes, they are pretty much circlejerk memes
No. 420
Aren't all memes pretty much an "inside thing"? You can't understand them if you haven't been around for long enough.
No. 423
We have one: Nightstate.
No. 425
8w3VD.jpg - ( 168.67KB , 1200x1600 )
A lot of people seem to feel alienated by not witnessing what ever it was that originate the reference, in case of things that reference happenings in the community.

For example:
In a proto Poniradio in Tinychat, somebody puts up a picture of Jafar from Alladin -> Jafar is watching you
Somebody posts a picture of their pony collection, and there's a paticulary fat mouse in the picture -> Such a fat mouse

I always feel that these are criticised unfairly as being simply inside references, as they're not given enough time and repetitions to detatch themselves from their origins and become full blown memes.

Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNKFRsK4EnM
No. 426
Niin Läski Hiiri.png - ( 1.12MB , 1976x3000 )
The fat mouse's death was mourned by many.

Who knocks on Heaven's gate?

Such a Fat Mouse
No. 427
confed apple.jpg - ( 84.93KB , 695x1000 )
The south will rise again!
No. 468
Jafar_kiinnostuskiikarit.gif - ( 215.25KB , 349x314 )
Jafar is watching this thread!

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