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trixie_disaproval.jpg - ( 37.02KB , 280x280 )
405 No. 405
>mfw /nsfw/
Laajenna kaikki kuvat
No. 406
1289629150654.jpg - ( 284.90KB , 1056x605 )
>mfw /nsfw/
No. 407
derpymuffins.png - ( 17.70KB , 480x501 )
You found our "secret" and pretty much literal circlejerk?
No. 408
130417897140.jpg - ( 59.75KB , 600x567 )
No. 409
Commander Shepard.jpg - ( 39.11KB , 600x722 )
>mfw /nsfw/
Not as much content as i thought there'd be, but that's alright. been looking for that flash game for a while

Other than the literal aspect, can you circle jerk without names/trips?
No. 410

> circlejerk

...or circleclop as we like to call it.
No. 411
We discuss our threads in IRC, so we recognize posters even without tripcodes.
No. 412
Yeah, even though namefriending is forbidden, the IRC users usually recognize each other anyway, or at least tell each other what they have posted.
Such is life in a finnish pony imageboard.
No. 414
laadunvalvoja.png - ( 12.82KB , 546x519 )
That's just dumb.
No. 469
I don't mean to burst your bubble there kind burger, but if you'd be oldfriend enough you'd remember that when the ponyfandom first started in 4chan, namefriending was very popular and most of the things that we have nowadays were created by namefriends, including this board. Finnish board "culture" is just twisted in that way that namefriending is a tabu and is generally despised by all burgers.
No. 470
I'm kind of baffled by how you think I'm against "namefriending", since nothing in my post suggests it, and find it necessary to accuse me of being a "burger"
I was merely wondering why it is even necessary to forbid the use of names when everyone pretty much knows each other anyway.
So, "sorry to burst your bubble", my dear fellow poster.
No. 471
die fuckhead

(Käyttäjä lähetettiin kuuhun)
No. 472
socutetwiwobble.gif - ( 109.34KB , 400x400 )
No. 473
1314183335089.png - ( 174.88KB , 614x836 )
Oh not at all, it is quite all right. It seems I misinterpreted your post and I am terribly sorry. I also agree on what you said about disabling name field being bit redundant.
Now hear me you ruffian, if you have nothing of a value to say, would you take your bottom which seems to have replaced your mouth away from this thread please. No need to get all medieval, you see.
No. 474
ur a faggot
No. 475
I have no idea where you got the idea that I am a cigar, but I can assure you that is not the case. But if I am sure about something, it is that you are a uncivilized inbred bastard son of a daft peasant beggar. Now run along you simpleton.

(Käyttäjä lähetettiin kuuhun)
No. 476
you are a stupid fartbelcher who likes to smell his own buttpoops!!!

(Käyttäjä lähetettiin kuuhun)
No. 486

Why were these two gentlemen sent to the Moon? I don't see anything offensive in their posts.
No. 487

PS. I happen to know these two posters so I know that they're two of the most humblest gentlemen I've ever seen!
No. 488
59522 - tagme.png - ( 605.53KB , 543x630 )
But still they behave like complete assholes

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