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3e3a5cfe1e24365ddfc4cfe48bb7905afb21707f_full.jpg - ( 8.06KB , 184x184 )
291 No. 291
Hai, finns! Its your oversea-NEIGHbour ponies, the Estonians. Just tellin' that bronies exist in estonia too.
Laajenna kaikki kuvat
No. 295
tumblr_lz857vorji1qk6ak2o1_500.png - ( 73.34KB , 500x465 )
O hai thar
No. 297
Do you haz the dubbed programs yet?
No. 298
Cheerilee2.jpg - ( 80.38KB , 921x1000 )
Tere tulemast!

Did i say that right?
No. 299
6.png - ( 85.98KB , 269x269 )
Yes, we do. Oh god, the most horrible dub ever, so we watch the English version. We also fandubbed it. THREAD APPROVAL TIME
No. 302
Yes, cheerilee, you did.
No. 311
Cheerilee so good.jpg - ( 27.95KB , 585x426 )
Yay! I at least know a few estonian words!
And i love your little country, even though you're across the sea.
No. 323
Hey there fellow Finnish neighbors, an Estonian brony here.
I might aswell take this post to call out any Estonian fellow who uses Ponilauta, I run this steam group where I plan to gather as much members as possible for a possible meet-up and misc. events.

No. 324
Kas sa räägid soome keelt?
No. 326
Kas sa kopoteled hebugoile?
No. 328
131369045759.gif - ( 950.99KB , 201x113 )

No. 386
Why U so cute
No. 387
>Come to finnish meetups
>Sell booze for afterpartiers
No. 388
Hingeroostes. Krikin kaja pöhö! <3
No. 465
Estonia is one of the few other countries on earth except Finland that I approve.

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