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No. 911
  Looks like Japanese dub fans are frustrated. The dub left the song in English.
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No. 912
131732171413.jpg - ( 7.86KB , 128x126 )
Maybe it was too hard to properly translate?
No. 913
No way! They did record all the songs in the previous episodes in Japanese.
No. 914
Shame. I looked forward to hear this song in japanese. At least they subbed it for which I'd like to see the translation.
You could argue that they didn't dub it because the show was also meant to teach english. No one is going to believe that, though.
No. 915
Teach English? Never even heard about that?
No. 916
131037708311.gif - ( 206.92KB , 125x84 )
It could be possible that there was an air of hostility around dubbing the song, and they decided it would be best to pander to "purists".
No. 917
The show is simulcasted with the original english audio. The viewer can swap the audio whenever they like.
No. 918
You mean switching audio feeds? That's what your digital television also have. Try it on Nelonen Perhe.

Press release from Bushiroad. Have a look if you can understand Japanese, but it says they offer English version on the secons audio track, nothing about English education.
No. 927
I Was Mistaken.gif - ( 221.54KB , 400x400 )
There was another dub that kept the songs in English, too. It's pretty funny—the transition is so jarring. It's like they just gave up.
No. 928
The Russian dub.
No. 934
The Taiwanese Mandarin and Mainland Chinese dubs also left the songs in English, but they did dub /normal dialogues/ in the songs.
No. 940
  The Japanese dub did it again. They left "Art of the Dress" songs in English.

Apparently, someone was trying to prank those who have been expected "Winter Wrap Up" sung in Japanese with the language all of you are familiar with.
No. 941
Laughing khajiit.jpg - ( 97.91KB , 640x427 )
No. 957
  Looks like Japanese dub songs when only 1-3 persons are required, but left with just subtitles when a team of choir is required. I wonder what will they do with "At the Gala" and "Smile".

By the way, here's the Japanese version of that song with Pinkie Pie's can can.

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