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Mad_Ponies_Mad_Men_Spoof_02.jpg - ( 35.99KB , 223x480 )
735 No. 735
Nelonen has both FIM and Mad Men. So, why don't you convince Nelonen to make the official crossover advert of both?
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No. 737
FIM is and will be just a stupid show for little girls, for Nelonen.
No. 738
363.png - ( 331.91KB , 950x1319 )
Nelonen doesn't have the rights to broadcasting the crossover-advertisement, and why should they?
Like >>737 said, they don't think the show is worth that.
No. 739
This is an advert made by The Hub, and it was inserted in some of U.S. newspapers. Technically, The Hub doesn't have any broadcasting rights for Mad Men. So, it is just a parody advertisement targeting an unexpected group of audiences.

But Nelonen is a different case. They have broadcasting rights for select Hasbro Studio shows including FIM, as well as Mad Men.

So what about this? Nelonen licenses the image from Hasbro/The Hub, adds broadcasting times of BOTH shows in Nelonen's corporate style, and plays with it around somewhere in Helsingin Sanomat.

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