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No. 622
  I'm not a native Finnish speaker (and thus don't understand Finnish), but I'm enjoying Finnish dub very recently. Sounds like good dub to me, but, as a foreigner, I'm not sure if it's a well-made dub or not.

So let me ask you something. To you, is the Finnish dub translated well, has well acted, has appropriate voice performers for each character, or something more?

P.S. Do the Finns call muffin and cupcake a muffin, no matter the difference between them?

By the way, I'm surprised the Finns have retained original pitch for all episodes on their broadcasts, a rare case in the European dubs.
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No. 623
Applejack8.png - ( 151.83KB , 322x388 )
The general consensus for the dub among us Finns is that it is bad, but it could be a lot worse.

For me the very worst dubbed characters are Spike and Scootaloo.
Their voices are very grating to hear since they're from voice actor veterans (both of them were in the Pokemon dub in the 90s for example) but their voices just don't fit.

Spike is bad because she sounds like a girl (knowing that Cathy Weseluck, a woman, does the english voice for Spike) and is generally annoying to listen to.

Scootaloo on the other hand sounds like a boy (since her voice reminds me of Ash Ketchum) and is grating. These two are generally agreed to be the worst.

Then it's a broken base on the main cast.
I for one don't find too many obvious flaws with the Mane 6 (Applejack losing her accent is understandable) but many others think their voices are bad.

Still, everybody thinks Twilight sounds OK. Not amazing, but not horrible either.
As an aside note the males and some of the side characters have made a great job with their voice, honourable mention going to Markus Bäckman as the voice of "Flutterguy".

P.S I don't know about the majority, but I don't differentiate between cupcakes and muffins in normal conversation.
No. 624
Applejack awesome.jpg - ( 36.25KB , 690x960 )
One more note:

The dub has made an awesome dub for one of the Diamond Dogs; the big, blue dog is basically doing a finnish version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It has to be heard to be believed.
No. 625
93042__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_gmod_garry-quo-s-mod_artist-tbwinger92.jpg - ( 175.48KB , 1080x1080 )
>>The general consensus for the dub among us Finns is that it is bad
I suppose that I'm one of those that disagree with that statement.
I think finnish dub is one of the best I have heard so far but of course I'm a little biased towards my native language. Sure there're few things that could be better like Scootaloo's and Spike's voices but overall it's great.
I generally don't like Pinkie Pie that much but the finnish Pinkie is just awesome.

>>but it could be a lot worse.
No. 626
I agree with the above posts, the dubs are allright, but definitely not great. Most of the main cast are okay. Pinkie, Rarity and Twilight sound good, Fluttershy sounds a tad too old, Rainbow Dash and Applejack could be better, esp. RD, but you kinda get used to 'em after awhile. Spike, however, is the worst and I hate his voice.

Also, gotta mention Trixie. They absolutely nailed her voice, fuckin' A.
No. 627
>>the dubs are allright, but definitely not great.
But it couldn't be much worse than the other Nordic dubs.

Here's Pinkie's "I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala", for example:
English: http://youtu.be/FTRCgU_0caA
Finnish: http://youtu.be/h3UAhWTYUO4
Swedish: http://youtu.be/d5HmXY7rPHE
Norwegian: http://youtu.be/AYOB8uVMe9o
Danish: http://youtu.be/4LfKEsb6s-0
No. 1098
image.jpg - ( 287.93KB , 1600x1886 )
Rainbow dash I love you

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