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1333976320374.gif - ( 344.76KB , 600x568 )
522 No. 522

How hard is it to learn Finnish?

I speak no European languages and can only speak and write in English.
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No. 523
facepalm.jpg - ( 24.58KB , 921x606 )
>I speak no European languages
>I speak English
No. 524

American English
No. 525
It's still a germanic language.
No. 526

I have been shamed.
No. 527
Quite hard for an English speaker. English belongs to the Indo-European language family which includes languages like French, Russian, Persian, Hindi etc. while Finnish belongs to a totally different language family, the Uralic languages. But don't worry, the Finnish language is strongly influenced by Indo-European languages, e.g. by Germanic language group, which English belongs to, and also by Latin, the language which has influenced the English language a lot. There are many similarities between English and Finnish but overall the Finnish language differs a lot from English language, so if you want to learn this language you need supernaturally large amounts of motivation and dedication to succeed.
No. 528

No. 529

Don't be sad! If you just have enough motivation, you'll learn anything. Even the difficult Finnish language! You don't have to be an egghead or a language genius to learn a new language. The best way and also the funniest way to learn a new language is to surround yourself with the language you want to learn (e.g. by surfing on Finnish websites).
No. 530
Welcome to the language of words like: Käkkärämänty, pölypallo, koirankakkapussi and many more wonderful and mindblowing ways of communicating!
No. 531
WHAT I LEARNED FROM CELESTIA IS.jpg - ( 214.05KB , 837x852 )
Incredibly difficult language. I only recommend if you've got lots of motivation and patience.

Rather consider German, French or from Nordic languages; Swedish.
You'll do very well in Finland with English.
No. 532
täh.png - ( 25.35KB , 125x125 )
The fuck is käkkärämänty?

Yes I'm finnish
No. 533

Mänty which is käkkärä.

No. 534
notsureif.png - ( 270.03KB , 640x455 )
Oh wow didn't even know it is a real word. Or that it is a real pine cultivar.
No. 535
andanother.png - ( 72.75KB , 390x341 )
Wow, mänty which trunk is käkkärä and there is a real curvy pine tree named after that. Yes, Finnish is surprising and indeed makes sense.
No. 603

It's not impossible, I think. We still have the same Latin alphabets (and the odd three; åäö), whereas Japanese, Hebrew or Korean have completely different graphemes. And people have learned those languages too. So I guess it might even be easier than Russian, for example, not that the differences between the alphabets are the only things that matter. The only thing you need is motivation, as said before.
No. 610
13437987879936.jpg - ( 47.08KB , 500x645 )
In English : I wonder if I should run around aimlessly.
In Finnish : juoksentelisinkohan

By the way AP, You really don't even want to learn the language or come to our country because its most likely if you look any different from others (What you most likely do if you really are American) you'll get your ass kicked pretty hard by the town's local tournament champion.
And there are atleast one of those tournament every night on pretty much every city.
We here in Finland call the tournament "Nakkikiskajono".
No. 611
Apple Bloom all i wanted.jpg - ( 26.90KB , 387x356 )
>responds to a months-old thread

But to be on-topic, Finnisha has many words that are daunting to translate in proper form (such as the word jossittelu, roughly meaning to make ifs and speculations).

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