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1261 No. 1261
I'll just post this here so I don't have to rewrite everything in Finnish:

I've been thinking about a show that would uphold the ideals of FiM, without using any of Hasbro's intellectual properties. The main goal in planning this "bible" is to come up with a cast and setting that have the most potential for FiM-style episodes.

The basic premise is that the show takes place on a new continent far away from the mainland Equestria, referred to only as the "mainland" or "maneland" in the show. The main location would be a small town (name needed) that was originally a logging camp but has since grown to about the size of Ponyville. The town is near a forest of giant trees, and many of the older buildings are built from their trunks or even inside trees similar to Twilight's old library. As ponies avoid exploiting nature, the logging has slowed down since the early years and the vast, mostly unexplored forest is still full of mysteries.

The working title for this show is "Settlers of Horseria", but as always, suggestions and discussion are welcome.
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No. 1262
Magichorse tail tuning.jpg - ( 142.80KB , 566x800 )
Of the new main characters, the most fleshed-out at the moment is this unicorn. She's not especially powerful magically, but she's an avid reader and routinely borrows advanced magic books from different libraries. She constantly strives to better herself, and often exerts herself to near fainting trying to cast spells meant for much higher level unicorns. And once a blue moon she actually manages to exceed everyone's expectations, either by sheer tenacity or by finding easier ways to cast more complex spells.

It would be adorable to have her live in a traditional wizard tower, but I'm not sure about what her profession should be yet. Baking would go well as it also uses both studying and experimentation, but since ponies tend to live at their working places it might be hard to fit a bakery in a tower. Especially considering how much cake and pastries ponies tend to eat.

Her cutiemark could be a lantern on fire, to symbolize her tendency to go beyond expectations. She also needs a name, so suggestions are welcome again.
No. 1263
Another planned character is a tough but slender earth pony who enjoys hiking and serves Fluttershy's function at maintaining the peace between ponies and the animals of the forest. Unlike Fluttershy, she has a firm yet nurturing demeanor, and spends most of her time trekking around the forest looking for animals that need her help.

I'm stuck visualizing her appearance as a mix of Tempest and Applejack, since that's how I saw her in a dream and have kept looping back to that same idea since. She has a long, slim tail that she occasionally uses to reach difficult places like Indiana Jones uses his whip, but this shouldn't be used too often or she'd start looking like some kind of tentacle pony.

Her cutiemark is binoculars with a band-aid on them to symbolize her willingness to go out and search for those in trouble. As before, her name is still open for suggestions.
No. 1264
A third main character would be an unicorn carpenter and general craftspony. She has great natural talent but little ambition, and is okay just working at her own little shop. She appreciates her friends helping her expand her business, but her central conflict as a character is between becoming more successful and simply getting to do what she loves. She's not especially shy, but tends to be quiet unless the topic is something she's interested in.

Not much ideas for her appearance yet. A shorter, tidy mane would fit her personality, but longer manes look good so maybe quaint, unassuming braids would be the best choice.
No. 1265
The first pegasus character I've thought of is a chill but energetic mailmare. She gets her job done quickly with plenty of time to spare, and tells other ponies not to stress either. While this advice isn't necessarily useful in itself, she does tend to bring refreshments which always makes her a welcome sight.

Despite her carefree attitude, she doesn't lack on her duties and is as reliable as anypony else. She just doesn't worry too much, and even when she fails she can be content in knowing she did her best and that was all anypony could ask for.

She uses a lot of situational comedy and always finds the bright sides in things, sometimes even dipping into gallows humor territory. Being the kind of pony who'd fart during tense silences, she combines Maud Pie humor with Pinkie Pie delivery.

She gets the refreshments she often serves from her sister, who runs a saloon in the same building as the post office. While her sister was originally worried about the amount of drinks her sister gave away, the grateful customers it brought in quickly dispelled her worries.
No. 1266
As the show takes place in an entirely new setting, it benefits from having an audience surrogate main character. For this I've thought up Dingbat, a batpony writer moving to the new continent to write about her experiences about it.

Her cutiemark is a book with a checkmark on its cover, symbolizing her desire for objectivity. She always tries to understand before she judges, and avoids making decisions before understanding all sides of the issue. Sometimes she inadvertently comes out as inquisitive when she can't take "just because" as an answer, but the reason she does it is to make sure everything gets presented fairly. Her favorite quote would be: "The mark of a wise pony is that they're capable of understanding a viewpoint without agreeing with it."

Other than her cutiemark, her general appearance is up for a poll: Should she be a grey pony with purple/dark blue hair, or can bat ponies have more varied colors? Sketches and discussions about any ponies appearances are always welcome, but in this particular case even opinions on just the possible colors for bat ponies are needed.

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