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dsas.png - ( 10.41KB , 300x253 )
1197 No. 1197
What's wrong with Banned from Equestria? I haven't seen any update since forever.
Laajenna kaikki kuvat
No. 1198
870265__safe_solo_oc_oc+only_frown_artist-colon-pokehidden_banned+from+equestria+daily_oc-colon-big+brian_ears+down[1].jpg - ( 24.37KB , 600x212 )

Pokehidden is still working on it, albeit slowly.
No. 1199
post-17001-0-56727900-1386636007.png - ( 172.09KB , 893x895 )
Too bad. I hope he's not gonna drop the project. Thank you for the info, anon.
No. 1214
583272__safe_solo_princess+cadance_source+needed_drool_artist-colon-naoki[1].jpg - ( 45.02KB , 512x512 )
any estimated date of publishing the next version?
No. 1215
No. 1216
1.5 came out ages ago, just go to http://www.pokehidden.net/banned_from_equestria_daily/game.swf
No. 1217
I'm wondering about 1.6.
No. 1218
134805776416.png - ( 268.30KB , 1024x751 )
Is it possible to buck all the ponies and unlock all the extra scenes during one game?
No. 1219
It was possible in earlier version, not sure about this.
No. 1220
derpy scene made me cry of laughter
No. 1221
20120813070435!Princess_Celestia_smiling_S2E02[1].png - ( 670.95KB , 1280x723 )

Its impossible. In previous version returning the transformation spellbook to Twilight gave you three extra days, but even if you got them in this game there's still more scenes than that.

Personally, what I'm most looking forward to is having the adjustment of your magical aura to let you meet Celestia without getting the guards involved...

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