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At+least+Trixie+didn%27t+use+the+Konami+Code+by+~BestSeller-Microtech+on+deviantART[1].png - ( 186.09KB , 724x517 )
1131 No. 1131
Hello /int/, I've been wondering how much information do non-native speakers get from machine translated finnish?
Laajenna kaikki kuvat
No. 1132
dfghj.png - ( 16.42KB , 1305x223 )
I tried random post and I got quite understable translation, but there is one word which I have no clue what it means. If this is some of chanspeak then it will be a problem.
Also after going to /ukko/ I just realised that /int/ is probably the most active board here LOL
No. 1134
rhthth.png - ( 320.14KB , 2560x786 )
Whenever I go onto the other boards I use Google translate. I don't think the translation is good enough for me to have a conversation, but it does give me a good idea of what people are saying.

Pic for reference.
No. 1135
Oh_yeah[1].png - ( 4.82KB , 896x242 )
I'm impressed by these advances in translating technology!

Harrastelijaprojektin = "of an amateur project"

Also, I just realized ponimechalla ("with a pony mecha") sounds like a techno viking brony heaven.

Also also, found this while looking for an image for the post: http://www.sporcle.com/games/ForYourBroats/mlp-fim-bad-translations I got 8/15
No. 1136
Considering Finnish language allows conjoined words, a good rule of thumb is to split an unknown word from some point and see what division produces the most understandable pair/string of words. This, however, naturally does not help when there is a typo in the text. Example: >>1134, third post, "niillekkään" - should be "niillekään" ("[negative] even for them")
No. 1137
wtf.png - ( 51.41KB , 921x299 )

What the fuck
No. 1138
ghf.png - ( 14.16KB , 961x335 )
No. 1139
The next morning, brightness and is best pony.
No. 1140
  This thread reminds me of these "<song> according to Google Translate" videos

Eh, there's plenty of time to just guess all of the main characters. Only 14/15, I still couldn't remember that spike exists
No. 1141
Close Look.jpg - ( 15.28KB , 303x242 )
Who's Spike?
No. 1142
Close Look.jpg - ( 15.28KB , 303x242 )
Who's Spike?
No. 1143
fhd.jpg - ( 32.81KB , 362x336 )
Who's Spike?
No. 1150
597678__safe_solo_fluttershy_meme_image+macro_changeling_griffon_seapony_breezie_headcanon[1].jpg - ( 117.13KB , 960x540 )

I don't think I'll be overstepping my authority too much if I say it's ok to post replies in english even outside /int and /nsfw. Everyone here understands english well enough, and the extra posts are well worth bending the rules a little.

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